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Only 55 Kilometers

It's only 55 kilometers, at least that should be done of my distance to studied after graduated from senior high school.Don't you think about the distance that will be taken at all but everyday. What's matter the distance, for as long as my body is able to stand up and also the gasoline filled in my bike for me isn't an obstruction.Yes there are 55 kilometers everyday. 

Once time,my old friend told me, "The distance 55 kilometers everyday just for to learned the
language that you've mastered, are you primitive man?”. Yes I know in university I choosen major in education of Indonesian language and literature, and some people consider I took this major that has no value in their eyes.

If it offend me like that, often I just said "well, interesting in each person doesn't always same ". It just the word I said, isn't spicy words but still have meaningful and no one was hurtwith my words.

Sometime my friends think about me that I just looking for a safe, and when they feel that's
I'm feel pressed by the words that's their gave, but I also often said it rather loudly to him,
"Don't talk to much, take look at yourself!".

When in senior high school my expertise is in Indonesian language are very useful for me,
not only for the lesson but also for the money. The money, yes from Indonesian language lesson in high school I was often recieved from my friends for a jobs, like wrote poems, make anecdots, or review the novel task. Of it all I've got a lot of money and for a high school kid at the time.

So the choice after graduated high school and to explore the lessons that has produced the means for me isn't something wrong,and no matter the distance which I've to got to study now, because I was the one who never asked about the distance.

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