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Basics About Google Sites

As Stephen Covey says, inter-dependence is the state with which the human race can benefit the most. It seems that the creators of Google Sites something close to this idea in their minds when inventing this. The regular users find a number of benefits of using it for different purpose.

It will be easier to understand for those who have use Google Docs. Just like the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other types of files can be uploaded and edited in real time and be readily put to be viewed by the intended audience, Google Sites enables users to make and edit web pages in a very user friendly way.

Who can use Google Sites?

Just like Google Docs, Google Sites too has a very diverse range of ways it can be used in. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

Commercial Use

Yes, if you are selling something online, you need a proper website or webpage where you can showcase the product or service for sale. Google Sites has sufficient number of features that allow you to display the things for sale in a clear yet attractive way.

Intra Business Use

Communication within the employees of the organization is a very critical thing to handle. Although grape vine can be sufficient for small organizations, medium and larger organizations need a proper platform to share the latest updates and other data. Google Sites proves as a very efficient platform where updates and editing old data is just a few clicks away.

Personal Use

Personal blogs are something that is exponentially growing all over the internet. Almost every other person has a blog. For most of them uploading new blog posts isn't much of a problem but when it comes to editing, deleting or managing older posts, things can get a little tricky. This where Google Sites helps out not just amateur bloggers but also those who wish to try a hand at maintaining a proper website.


One of the best things about Google Sites is that unlike most websites, it gives the owner of the website the option to permit or prohibit specific people from accessing it.


There are a number of features that users can embed in one of these website which make it more effective. Some of them are:

User friendly Options - in order to customize your website you don't need to know HTML. All you have to do is click buttons here and there and viola! You're done!

Customization - There are a number of templates and themes that enables you to shape the website they way you want it.

Types of Pages - Your Google website does not have to look like a web page. It can look like a file cabinet, a dashboard or even a notice board.

Google Apps - All Google Apps can be embedded in a website built this way and therefore can make it much more valuable.

Google Search - The Google search tab that allows users to search for content within your website can also be included.

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