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Timeline Facebook, Is Safe?

Once the micro-blogging site Twitter and Youtube shows her new face some time ago, now turn up with a new face that we will also look barunya.Tampilan nilmati newly released in New Zealand December 7 we can begin to enjoy the moment, Facebook claimed it was to facilitate for us to share about the post-post which we post to be shared to our friends, the new look Facebook feature called "Timeline" is replacing our profile page contains a timeline and a track record of our life in the form of postings for we start making facebook so far, (wow cool, like the album .... memories!).

This new look makes Facebook look very attractive. There are several additional features include Cover Your feature. Cover your display 640 x 480 pixel size that can be drawn from our previous photo or upload another photo. This will make our account look like a blog. The format is based on the time line of our activity on Facebook as well make it look like a magazine, although a little bit confusing at first.

The new features offered by Facebook is Your Story. As has been described at the beginning of that time was up showing all the records of our activities during the using up of the initial registered until now. This menu is available on the right above the item per year. The whole story of our updates will appear, starting status, photos, notes to the event. All presented in full from the beginning until now. The next feature is Your Apps. In this feature, we can display the page like, games, to music that we enjoy without having to open the info on our account or the accounts of people who will take a look.

Prior to actually activate the Timeline view Facebook, Facebook trial offer for 1 week. However, if you really are then simply turn on the display with the click of a button / option Timeline Get up you will then display permanently.

Is it Safe New Features?
Something that is very sensitive question at this time because until now, even Facebook is still a lot of criticism from many quarters with the privacy policy penggunanya.Jadi recommended to users of this Timeline should think carefully before mempermanenkan this new feature, because as I mentioned This timeline will show on all of our posts from the beginning we create a facebook so far.

Of course there are other solutions to manage the user's privacy policy "privacy settings" but some critics in the cyber world will still doubt the effectiveness and safety features ini.Tapi not bad for us to try the Timeline is .......... ........

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