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Long & Wound

Fragrant surprise attacked me
funny. . .
You forgot my name
But you praise poetry homemade
For a moment I saw
A peek inside your heart feel
Feel free to come back with a light
Or choose again hidden in the hollow
Ago. . .
I decided to tempt
I intentionally. . .
Do not give my address
until the end
You are asked a number telefonku
Noisy rumble my heart
But ...
Either I'm too old
Until I heard the news
You're not as free as first
You have been bound by a relationship
Slowly. . .
You're my heart began to sink
Along with the breakup of hope
I decided to go
And continue my life
Ago. . .
My life is running and keep running
With the Dark. . .

NB: (thank you to someone, evocative presence my inspiration)

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