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5 Good habits start your day

Have you ever experienced bad mood in the morning, which then affects your performance throughout the day? Suddenly jammed the streets because there are minerals, co-workers do not get to work piling up, even the lunch was not made to order.Why is everything it seems to be wrong, huh?
Believe me, if you start with five good habits, you will always be guaranteed through the day of fun.

Stretch-waking. Rather than closing your eyes or daydreaming again "gather life" when I wake up, stretch your body better.Stretch your fingers, feet, and turn your ankle. Ngulet make a smooth blood circulation. Menguaplah heart's content to inhale as much oxygen.

-Drinking water before breakfast. When I wake up our bodies become dehydrated. The proof, you'll feel thirsty. Actual state of dehydration can slow your metabolism. Therefore, before enjoying the sweet tea, hot chocolate milk, and bread, drink water first segelar. According to the journal Obesity, the cells that met the needs of the water is not only work better, but it also helps remove fat.

-Breakfast containing protein. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With breakfast, you'll consume fewer calories throughout the day as most calorie intake is set aside for the morning. Breakfast also makes you able to think better and more able to concentrate. What matters enter into the protein-containing foods in your breakfast menu. Adjust the portions to the capacity of your stomach. Too full, it will also make you drowsy.

-Let the smooth blood circulation. Went to the office with a two-hour journey is to make the body become fitter. Get used to light exercise in the morning, because your metabolism will also smooth the stress away from you. Morning exercise is also a good way to ensure your body is ready to "fight" with a solid schedule throughout the day. No need to search for distant places or periods of time. Just do a light workout for 10 minutes for blood circulation.

-A cup of coffee. Many say that coffee may increase the concentration, or help you work better. However, do not consume excessive coffee. A cup of coffee in the morning (or afternoon, depending on your convenience) is sufficient.Excessive caffeine will make you nervous and increase your heart rate. Instead, just enjoy a cup of green tea.

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